We have been drawing your attention to an important point ever since the beginning of our book: the fact that the Quran gives the details of what God deems is necessary to be known by His servants. Whatever is believed to be absent is left to the discretion of the individual. Yet, the sectarians have invented things they believed necessary to be added to the existing text.

Every act prohibited by religion is an evil act and man must certainly avoid it. But everything that we deem to be evil is not necessarily prohibited by religion. Even though our judgement is correct we are not in a position to ascribe it a sacred character. One must bear in mind that God gave man the liberty to make his own judgement and discern good from evil. Despite this, traditionalists who lacked the required insight failed to understand this act of the Most Gracious and dared to make interpolations thinking thereby they were compensating for His omissions.

101 – O you who believe, ask not about things which if made known to you would give you trouble. If you ask about them when the Quran is being revealed, they will be made known to you. God has overlooked them. God is forgiving, forbearing.
5 The Feast, 101

Everything that the Quran has left out of its context is overlooked by God. The fact that God brings in no clarification on a particular subject means that it is left for our opinion. This is a confirmation of His forbearance and forgiveness, as it is said at the end of the verse. Let no one dare therefore to render difficult the practice of religion that God has revealed. Additions made to the Quran have complicated the religion and caused many to avoid it. We shall give you some typical examples of such interpolations that do not exist in the Quran. Here are a few typical questions and their short answers.

1- Question: Is the wearing of a silk shirt permitted?
Answer: There is no clause prohibiting the wearing of silk either by men or women.

2 – Question: Can women wear makeup?
Answer: No entry in the Quran to this effect; so every woman can do what she likes in this respect.

3 – Question: Is circumcision a binding duty?
Answer: Nowhere is circumcision mentioned in the Quran. This custom of Jewish origin has lingered among the Muslims, but it has not been made compulsory, so one may choose to have his children circumcised or not.

4 – Question: Is tattooing permitted?
Answer: There is nothing against this in the Quran. A tattoo does not prevent the individual from performing his/her ablution.

5 – Question: Which hand must one use in eating?
Answer: No indication about this in the Quran.

6 – Question: Is masturbation forbidden?
Answer: There is no prohibition against this.
What are banned in the Quran as regards sexuality are adultery and homosexuality.

7 – Question: Is conception control forbidden?
Answer: Nothing pro or con to this effect in the Quran.

8 – Question: Should one recite Quranic verses upon the decease of someone?
Answer: Again there is nothing for or against it in the Quran. The Quran may be recited whenever one feels like it. The custom of reciting the Quran on the 1st, 7th and 52nd nights is not mentioned in the Quran.

9 – Question: Can one make use of pigskin?
Answer: The Quran commands us not to eat pork. There is no harm in using its skin.

10 – Question: Which food should be eaten first during the breaking of one’s fast?
Answer: Nothing is particularly prescribed in the Quran. Therefore, anything may be eaten.

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