We shall be wary of propounding our personal viewpoint, as we shall exclusively confine ourselves to the Quran. We are well aware that we shall be faced with the expostulations of traditionalists. We shall be accused of Zionism or be excommunicated as Freemasons, as has been the case in the past. This is the usual self-deception method of the traditionalist fundamentalists who justify their backwardness by laying the blame on extraneous agents. We hereby declare that we are neither Zionists nor Freemasons. We are mere researchers and advise you to read the present book with a critical eye. The Quran is the Book of God, the true and unique source of religion. Our own opinions should be considered correct so long as they conform to the text of the Quran. This study aims at breaking the shackles that traditions, plurality, apism and superstitions have put on human intelligence.

We shall be gratified if this book would be a modest contribution to a better understanding of Islam according to the Quran.

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