5 – The likeness of those who were charged with the Torah, then failed to uphold it is like the donkey carrying parts of holy books.
62 The Congregation, 5

Some of those who profess to abide by the Quran carry in fact hundreds of books of canonical law and hadiths. Regardless of their positions and offices, be they caliphs, heads of religious departments of governments or figures shrouded in the garb of sainthood, these people are but representatives of sects and are not the faithful followers of the Quran.

The same reverence is shown to saints in Christianity about whom endless miracles are told. Their tombs are visited. There is no end to the their exploits in proof of their self-sacrifices, the glorification of Christ being the point of culmination of such stories. Among the religion mongers there have been party leaders, deputies and religious leaders whose profiteering has been legendary. The true believer is the one who obeys solely what is prescribed in the Quran.

The public, driven away from the Quran, was led by the nose to serve the interests of a certain class of people, by guiding them to the labyrinths of fabricated sects and sacred items. To prevent the public from coming into direct contact with the Quran, its translation was banned, while thousands of fabricated religious sources were created. The public was misled into believing the perpetrators of these acts to be the true representatives of religion. On the other hand, a large class of people came to think that if this was what they called religion, one could not possibly live up to it and had to abandon it altogether. Having thus remained aloof from religion, their guilty conscience prevented them from performing the requirement of the religion of the Quran. Therefore, it is imperative and vital that this class of people come back to re-embrace their religion by taking stock of their predicament. Once the true believers become the proponents of the true religion as put forth in the Quran, the imposters will be disposed of. In this process the only path to follow will be the path preached by the Quran.

105 – We have sent down to you the Book in truth, that you may judge among the people in accordance with what God has shown you.
4 The Women, 105

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