285 – We make no distinction among any of His messengers.
2 The Cow, 285

According to this verse of the Quran we are not allowed to set any of the prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, Noah and Christ, against each other. Nor are we allowed to utter that our Prophet is the greatest of all. Despite this explicit verse of the Quran, Muslims also erred in this as have the Jews and the Christians. They invented cock and bull stories, saying that had it not been for the Prophet, mankind would not have existed. It was thanks to him that we were created, etc. No such thing is written in the Quran. It was alleged that the Prophet’s substance was not of ours as it was pure light (nur), that he had bargained with God about the number of daily prayers that the faithful should perform. The Prophet was made into an object of sexual fantasies and it was said that he had the power to curse people to disable them. According to another fabricated hadith, while all the prophets would be in a panic in trying to save their skin on Doomsday, our Prophet’s concern would be limited to the salvation of his followers. Those that have contrived this so-called hadith have acted impiously and discriminated Muhammad against the other prophets. Some of them even went so far as to categorize the prophets. They classified the prophets as follows: 1. Muhammad; 2. Abraham; 3. Moses; and, last but not least, 4. Jesus Christ.

7 – He found you astray and guided you.
93 Early Hours of Morning, 7

According to this verse Muhammad seems to have been on the wrong path before the Quran was revealed to him. The same idea is also expressed in the following verse:

52 – So We have revealed to you the Quran by Our command. You did not know what the Scripture was before, nor faith.
42 Consultation, 52

Again some traditionalists claim that the Prophet was already Muslim even before he received the revelation, committing thereby a grave error. However, it is no surprise to see such extravagant ideas as these people cannot conceive of any other image than the one they have in their own minds. Another exaggeration is the allegation that among the ancestors of the Prophet there had been no pagans and that this genealogy went back as far as Adam. Yet, we read in the Quran that Abraham’s father had been an idolater. If we suppose that Abraham happened to be among the ancestors of Muhammad, we should conclude that the argument is wearing a bit thin. On the other hand, the traditionalist mentality in trying to prove its case dodges the issue and claims that Abraham’s father was in fact his stepfather or uncle, etc. This does not refute the explicit statement of the Quran in which it is said that it had been Abraham’s father.

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